Flashback Friday Y'all

If there is are moments in your life that you look back on as defining moments, did you know when they were happening that you would look back at them that way? Did you soak in the details so you could share them with others?

I can think of a few big moments and I went into some eager to take in as much as possible, and others unaware that they would be so important to me. This particular experience happened to be both.
A few weeks ago I had the incredible opportunity to assist Lyndsey Kaye photography at a wedding here in San Jose. (The bride's parents happened to go to my church and I didn't even realize it because we are still so new here!) As I had not experienced working a full wedding day before, I was taking it as an opportunity to decide if I wanted to turn my gears toward wedding photography or not. I knew it would be a day that impacted the future of my business and I needed to soak everything in to make the best decision.

You guys, wedding photographers are super heroes.

This wedding was probably the best newbie wedding of all time because everyone was so nice and everything was so beautiful and perfect and still at the end of the day I was WIPED. OUT. Wedding photographers are using their creative AND technical mind all day long to capture everything in a way that will be loved and cherished forever and sometimes they are not that lucky. 

Sometimes there is a family member that wants to dictate everything as if the wedding photographer they are paying the big bucks for hasn't attended a wedding or two before. Sometimes the reception has not-so-easy-to-work-with lighting. Sometimes they just can't afford to go all out and it is harder to make a certain area or event look "pin-worthy". But they do it anyway while telling the bridal party how beautiful they are all day and laughing at the dad and uncle jokes and squatting and standing and climbing and chasing...

So it is hard work. 

I came home and was ready for bed. 

But I knew I had beautiful pictures to share.

I knew some of them might just end up being cherished by someone.

And then I got it...or at least a glimpse of the wedding photography passion that drives these heroes that do this nearly every weekend.

So while I'm sure I will photograph or assist at more weddings in the future, my back and my feet will stick to specializing in my short and sweet portrait/lifestyle sessions, but I will take with me the passion of creating art with people and their love and personalities so they will want them to remember their big defining moments.


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