Hey friends!

I'm Jessica; portrait and lifestyle photographer behind the camera at Blush and Blink Photography. 

Cheesy name you say? Well I happen to like cheese...and love, and imperfections, and happiness. And it just so happens that some of the most real, love-filled moments come with blushing and blinking, and that's what I try to capture. 

So while you won't hear me tell someone to "say cheese" (unless they are looking for a snack recommendation), you may find me cheesy or silly, and I am at peace with that. ☮

While I am brand new to this blogging game and have never been much of a writer, I have come to value life stories. While my trade is capturing moments with a camera, I always enjoy getting to know the clients I work with as I interact with them. I love that each person I work with has a different story and is at a different place in life, from newborns to grandparents! 

And that's why I am here, willing to expose my terrible writing to share some of my best experiences with you.

So welcome! And thank you for hanging out with me and all the lovely people I have the pleasure of working with!

Blush and Blink Photography
San Jose, CA


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