Stuck like glue


Last weekend I was able to do my first extended family session with a group that was a totally fun, tight knit group from infant to grandparent. While some were there to be a present family member, others were more than ready to jump in front of the camera!

I think the most creative part of being a photographer is getting to know clients and capturing their personalities. While working with such a big group does not leave a lot of time to get to know everyone as well as in a small family session, you cannot compete with the variety of personality in one sitting!

This little family is just the picture of sweetness every family photographer dies for! Those baby cheeks stole the show!

My background is working with young children and that has translated to young children being my favorite clients! No matter what kind of day they are having, a tickle or a silly face-off can bring the most genuine of smiles!

The moment that took the cake in this session was hearing that these two got engaged in this very spot and are now getting ready to celebrate 20 years of marriage together! They didn't even pick the location since everything was coordinated with her sister and our last minute parking/meeting spot happened to be a 30-second walk from their spot. The best part was how excited their sons were about it too (great job mom and dad!). You can just see how proud this man is to be spending his life with his lovely, fun wife and I can attest to it from the way he told me about this spot and their upcoming anniversary. Congratulations you two!

How I wish I had more family around! My husband, daughter, two dogs and I just moved to San Jose at the end of 2016 and our closest family is in Arizona. That being said, getting to work with families like this helps ease the homesickness.

Until next time,

Jessica ♡


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