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I was recently honored to have a newborn session with a new baby girl and her beautiful family in my small home studio set up. Having two older brothers, you could tell everyone was excited for her arrival! And since my own daughter being born, I have only had newborn boy sessions since starting my business so I was right there with them! Crowns and ruffles anyone???
Beautiful baby girl, right?
Everyone wants to remember their children as these tiny, sleepy bundles (especially when they become very loud toddlers, excuse me while I try to hold myself together). I mean look at those tiny fingers and lips! But I love when a family comes to me wanting to also capture memories as a family. 
A good family portrait will always be in demand. Everyone is happy and looking good enough to be hung on a wall. But to me, something is missing.
Recently, my 20-month-old daughter has started to put her little arms around my neck when she sits with me on the couch. Naturally, I try to take a selfie with my phone to capture it because unless your husband is a photographer, he probably isn't jumping up to catch the moment! And then the other day while I was rocking her before her nap, she turned my head towards her with her hand, stared at me with her baby blues, and wrapped those arms around my neck right before falling asleep. I don't think I'll forget that anytime soon, but how amazing would it be to have moments like that immortalized?
So even during portrait sessions, I try to capture that kind of feeling in the hopes that more families will see the value in lifestyle photography.

This is the biggest struggle as a new photographer trying to build clientele, especially with Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds inspiring me more and more towards lifestyle sessions, but I can't wait to get there. I can't wait to share this passion with my clients and for more clients to be looking for these kind of feels!

While we obviously can't always have a photographer to catch these moments, tell your spouse or partner to start picking up their phone to help. And if you are the one being asked, then these pictures are probably already being taken of you so return the favor. I promise it'll be worth it.

Have a great weekend friends!

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