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Happy weekend everyone!

I'm not sure where the last week went but my sense of time has been completely thrown off by Summer!

Last weekend (luckily before I lost track of the days) I got to go check out a fabulous birthday party for a very spunky 4-year-old!

She made sure to tell me that it was her Candyland party and she was so ready to pose when the camera turned towards her. It was her day and she made sure of it! Can you get a better model!? 

While I don't usually shoot events, this was too cute to pass up! The details were off the charts (and you certainly couldn't miss the house driving down the street)!

Luckily, me and my sweet tooth were out of there before the goody bags broke out...

Eat something sweet for me!


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  1. What a birthday party! Love all the colors and details that went into it.


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