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My latest newborn session was one I will never forget. Not because the baby slept like an angel and let me pose her however I wanted, because that certainly wasn't the case. I loved it because these first time parents were the giddiest, most adoring parents ever!
This little week-and-a-half-year-old princess did not want to miss out on all the attention she was getting and did not sleep a wink! Instead, she stared at her parents and worked out her facial muscles making every possible face she could and her parents were absolutely smitten the whole time! They were constantly smiling at her and talking to her and laughing at all the faces that they will be able to remember forever since she happened to put on this show in front of my camera.

I think everyone would love to remember what it looked like when they couldn't take their eyes off their newborn, I for one definitely wish I had more pictures capturing it and will keep that in mind for my next. But another thing I make sure to get during my newborn sessions are detail shots, especially those tiny fingers and toes! Needless to say it's easier when their arms and legs are not wiggling around, but this ended up being one of my favorites!

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  1. Lovely work! You can see their excitement coming through on their faces. :)


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