San Jose Couples Photographer | Anniversary Session

I am incredibly behind here but I cannot pass up sharing this session and advocating for anniversary sessions! 

I think more often than not, married couples go from their wedding photos to their first family photos after having a baby without having professional photos taken of themselves and their relationship (myself included). Since starting my photography business, I have come to a much greater realization of how important it is to have relationships and big moments regularly captured and after this session with Joe and Courtney, I wish I would have valued it more in the first few years of my marriage.

This was a first anniversary session and I think this is a great time to commemorate! You've accomplished a year of commitment to someone, and for many couples that first year is not easy. The fireworks may be growing dim and this is the perfect way to spark them back up! 

Make a date night of it! Maybe find a romantic area like this to take sunset pictures followed by dinner and a movie. Or for a more unique evening, go mini golfing or ice skating and bring along your photographer to capture your relationship in action!

Anyone else have ideas or examples!? I'd love to hear!



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