San Jose Senior Photographer | Friends that pose together, stay together

Did/do you have a BFF in high school or college? Do you have pictures with that friend that remind you what makes your friendship so awesome? You should, and I am here to talk about Senior/Grad sessions with your BFF!

What better time to do a session with a friend than when you are both celebrating such an exciting milestone!? This is an especially fitting session if you aren't normally the center of attention and feel like you might be uncomfortable being on your own in front of the camera for your Senior session. Shooting with your bestie is guaranteed to loosen you up, plus you get some time on the sidelines while she gets her solo portraits done!

I hope I can look forward to many more of these sessions! I know my BFF and I wish we had pictures like this (and we will probably make it happen at some point!) so reach out if you're ready for a fun time with your bestie, and me as your photographer/third wheel!


  1. I love this friends session! I would have loved something like this when I was in HS.

  2. Oh, these girls have amazing eyes! Beautiful captures of these two beauties!


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