Holidays in Arizona | Gilbert Family Photographer

 While Flagstaff can get plenty of snow, down in the valley we're lucky if our highs get below 60. Most days are still sunny so sometimes you have to use your imagination (or watch lots of Christmas movies) to feel the magic. Another way is to go to a nice park on a Friday or Saturday evening in November and see dozens of family photo session in progress! When it finally cools down enough that everyone can stand to not wear shorts, photographers are booked up and working our butts off until the holidays. 

And we love it.

We love not sweating while trying to get that sweet shot of your toddler that doesn't want to perform for a stranger. We love capturing families that maybe aren't always all together. We love that people can be comfortable instead of cranky from the heat. We love it for a lot of the same reasons you probably book, and frankly, we love being booked up! It may get exhausting when December hits, but I love it. 

But I don't love turning people away so here is my friendly PSA: Don't wait to book your Fall photographer! Start figuring it out in August or September at the latest because most of us are probably booked out at least a month during these cool Fall months. 

I'm so grateful for the busy Fall season I had for my first Fall back I Arizona and I can't wait for next year! For now, Happy Holidays!


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