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 I haven't had a lot of opportunities to do sessions for Senior guys, (may there tends to be fewer guys willing to go through a full hour of being photographed) but the last couple guys I've worked with owned it! They both brought an extra outfit and they were both totally willing to try different poses and directions. At this point I should probably just expect it instead of always being surprised with how awesome my clients are!

When it comes to posing guys, I think comfort is key. Most guys aren't looking to create the perfect angles or toss their hair (but of course if your Senior is proud of his luscious locks, go for it!), so I have some go-to poses and I mix it up in lots of different ways. 

A hand or two in the pocket is easy and natural! We will start there and I'll have him look different directions, maybe walk towards me or shift his weight to get several different shots.

Arms folded is another pose that is also often used for professional headshots and doesn't feel awkward. I almost always have subjects turn to the side a bit when their arms are folded, rather than straight on, unless you have a symmetric background.

I always try to find somewhere to sit because it makes it easy to have somewhere for hands to go. There are SOOO many different angles you can use when they are sitting so if there isn't a place to sit, I'll ask if they are comfortable in a squat (as unappealing as the word 'squat' is, it can actually make for some of my favorite pictures of Seniors).

Lastly, props! No, I don't bring props, but I do encourage Seniors to bring an item or two that represents their time in high school or their current interests. It could be a favorite book, sports equipment/medals/jerseys, art supplies, a musical instrument, a pet, you name it! It adds a personal touch and gets fun, genuine smiles.

I hope this is helpful to other photographers starting to work with Senior guys. 

Coming soon, Senior girls!


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