Senior Girls Posing | Arizona Senior Photographer

 I have always loved working with my Senior girls! These sessions are always so much and I love seeing the inner models come out of even the self-proclaimed "shy" girls!

In my Senior questionnaire that I send out at booking, I ask my Seniors what their favorite feature about themselves is. So while I have my go-to poses, I customize my plan based on highlighting the features they love about themselves! Here's a few examples:


If hair is a favorite feature, I am going to have those girls turning, spinning, and running hands through the hair to catch some fun movement! These photos always look so natural because even if they feel awkward at first, they end up laughing and giving the best genuine smiles!


If her eyes are what she wants to highlight (or if you see some gorgeous peepers to capture), I will include more close up shots than usual, especially ones taken from a higher angle that really make the eyes the focus of the image.


Some Seniors might love their personal style and work hard picking outfits that they feel represent themselves at this big milestone of their life! So if there is a flowy dress, you can have them twirl or create movement with a hand. For a favorite pair of jeans/pants, I like to make angles in the legs in seated poses to highlight them. Stylish pair of shoes? Do a shot or two with a foot pop! If they wear a top with fun texture or some cute jewelry I will try to get some shots close enough to capture those smaller details too! And I always do some "runway" shots where I have the Senior walk towards me slowly with a hand in a pocket, or in the hair and directing her to look around or look at me. This is another fun one because it quickly turns from feeling self-conscious to laughing while trying to follow so many directions at once while walking!

Thanks for reading and send your Seniors my way! We are wrapping up Class of 2021!


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